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1.Which application requires 100% uptime, where unavailability can have catastrophic business impact?
A.mission-critical application
B.business-critical application
C.continuous effort application
D.disaster-recovery application
2.What benefit is provided from a fault-tolerant system?
A.99.99% availability
B.maximum availability regardless of the circumstances
C.clustering with failover processes and application monitoring
D.component level redundancy, with a limited percentage of downtime
3.E-commerce sites are an example of which implementation?
A.mission-critical application
B.business-critical application
C.continuous effort application
D.disaster-recovery application
4.The following questions are asked during which part of the planning cycle? What is the expected availability of the new solution? What is the projected role of the new server? What kind of system management tools are required?
A.site survey
B.scope of work
C.needs analysis
D.implementation timeline
5.What is used to secure access to the System Management Homepage? (Select two.)
A.IP restriction
B.Secure Shell (SSH)
C.web-based secured login
D.SNMP community names
E.multiple login authentications
Correct:A C
6.What action does HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) take when a blade server is identified through another system in the same rack or enclosure?
A.The system is catalogued to be polled during the next discovery task
B.Associations are made between the blade server operating system to the next blade server operating system using the Interconnect ID.
C.Associations are made between the iLO and the enclosure in which the system resides.
D.HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) requests all relevant information about the blade server to the HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager.
7.Which management protocol is used by the Onboard Administrator for BladeSystem c-Class to send event notifications for thresholds and faults to HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)?
A.eXtended Management Layer (XML) protocol
B.Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM)
C.Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
D.Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
8.What can be imported into the System Management Homepage to increase security?
A.local server certificate
B.encrypted password file
C.Secure Shell (SSH) public key
D.128bit RC4 encryption license
9.When configuring the authorizations for the System Management Homepage (SMH) on a Linux server, what should the system manager do to allow access for the root user?
A.Create a password for root in SMH.
B.Add root to the administrators group in SMH.
C.Import the password file from Linux into SMH.
D.Enter the root username and password to log into SMH.
10.What is one of the primary responsibilities of Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) in the server blade p-class architecture?
A.Control the distribution of virtual IP-addresses and link them to the physical MAC addresses.
B.Control and regulate access to the power management module when using the RS-232 connection method.
C.Monitor and control the communication on the network bus used by the power and enclosure management module.
D.Assist in managing power resources by acting as an intelligent interface to the server blade infrastructure and its power management module.
11.Which HP SAN design is recommended for anyone just starting with SAN technology?
A.HP standard design
B.variation of an HP standard design
C.flexible design using HP standard design
D.custom design using HP StorageWorks SAN design rules
12.Which layer-two protocol provides neighbor device discovery and runs on all networking devices such as routers, bridges and switches?
A.Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
B.Transmit Control Protocol (TCP)
C.Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
D.Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
13.Which tool gives you an intuitive and secure interface to review in-depth information on hardware configuration, performance metrics and system thresholds and is part of the ProLiant Support Pack?
A.HP Control Tower
B.HP System Management Homepage
C.HP Performance Management agents
D.HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
14.What do you need to access the Onboard Administrator for a BladeSystem c-Class enclosure remotely? (Select two.)
A.a standard USB cable
B.an RS-232 serial cable
C.a compatible web browser
D.a terminal emulation program
E.the Onboard Administrator IP address
Correct:C E
15.What is the recommended method of configuring the access security control between HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) and the System Management Homepage (SMH)?
A.configure trust by name in HP SIM
B.configure trust by certificate in the SMH
C.import the SSH private key generated by HP SIM into SMH
D.synchronize the password files between SMH and HP SIM
16.What integrates with the System Management Homepage to enable network administrators to maintain detailed server inventory and track historical configuration changes?
A.Version Control Agents (VCA)
B.HP Insight Diagnostics Online
C.Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
D.Open Services Event Manager (OSEM)
17.What is used by Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) to improve security? (Select two.)
A.XML scripting
B.Secure Shell (SSH)
C.Virtual password store
D.Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
E.Secure Task Execution (STE)
Correct:B D
18.When looking into HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), an administrator detects an issue with a c-Class server blade. However, in the Onboard Administrator, everything looks fine. What could be the reason?
A.The Onboard Administrator is running in a different VLAN than the HP SIM server.
B.The c-Class server blades are running an older version of the HP management agents.
C.The Onboard Administrator status does not include information from the agents running on the blades.
D.The management link between the c-Class server blades and the Onboard Administrator is not configured.
19.What is downloaded from an HP website when updating the patch database used by Vulnerability and Patch Management (VPM)?
A.updated VPM software, if available
B.latest patches from different vendors
C.latest vulnerability scan definition files
D.newer version of the Radia patch agent, if available
20.Which feature in Intelligent Networking Pack (INP) allows the creation of groups inside a single team, where each group is assigned one or more teamed ports?
A.fast path failover
B.router path failover
C.dual channel teaming
D.dual channel load balancing
21.Which StorageWorks enclosure delivers the ideal mix of low cost and high capacity, has Ultra320 SCSI host connectivity and uses Serial ATA (SATA) drives?
A.StorageWorks MSA20
B.StorageWorks MSA30
C.StorageWorks MSA50
D.StorageWorks MSA500
22.Which feature is available on the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II board that is not available on the HP ProLiant Lights-Out 100?
A.virtual media
B.virtual power button
C.Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
D.HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) integration
23.How would you explain a distributed Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) configuration?
A.Middle-tier software is distributed among several servers.
B.A VMM distribution server pushes the VMM licenses to the virtual hosts.
C.All VMM software is distributed on the HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) server.
D.A VMM system manages virtual machines running VMWare ESX and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.
24.What are the benefits of using HP OpenView Storage Mirroring? (Select three.)
A.It maintains near real-time replication of data.
B.It supports Windows, Linux, and HP-UX hosts.
C.It enables data replication between Windows servers and any direct-attached storage device.
D.It provides host-based storage copy across IP-based LAN, WAN, and SAN.
E.It provides host-based storage copy among any storage device that supports the SCSI protocol.
F.It provides host-based storage copy among any storage device that supports the Fibre Channel protocol.
Correct:A C D
25.When installing Rapid Deployment Pack, which folder of the Microsoft Operating System must be opened when requested?
26.Which hard drive technology is provided as internal storage with the full-height c-Class server blades?
A.3.5 inch Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives
B.3.5 inch Large Form Factor (LFF) Serial ATA (SATA) drives
C.2.5 inch Small Form Factor (SFF) Parallel ATA (PATA) drives
D.2.5 inch Small Form Factor (SFF) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives
27.What are benefits of the BladeSystem Automation Engine? (Select two.)
A.It contains all HP Essentials Products.
B.It provides single installation for all components.
C.It is integrated with Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP).
D.It provides single security model for entire environment.
E.A new license administrator keeps track of all needed licenses.
Correct:B D
28.How many Deployment Server databases can be installed per deployment solution?
29.What is an advantage of a Shared storage blade?
A.It provides software-based RAID.
B.It is optimized for critical data storage.
C.It uses a single GUI for storage management and provisioning.
D.It adds up to six hot-plug SAS or SATA drives for the adjacent blades.
30.Which storage technology refers to intelligent, self-contained storage devices that are connected to servers and other devices through a LAN?
B.Arbitrated Loop
C.Storage Area Network
D.Direct-Attached Storage
E.Network-Attached Storage

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